Vouvray, 2021, Marc Bredif (6x75cl)

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Vouvray, 2021, Marc Bredif (6x75cl)

Founded in 1893 by Monsieur Brédif, Maison Brédif is one of the most well known and respected Maisons in the region and is globally recognised as a hallmark of quality.

In 1980, Baron Patrick took over the torch and has instilled a new lease of life into this century-old house, yet has retained much of the tradition and grandeur that makes it an exceptional domain. Maison Brédif is recognised for its Vouvray but also for its delicate, floral wines, and Monsieur Brédif was a pioneer in the world of winemakers, creating sparkling Vouvray from the beginning of the 20th Century.

Its ancient cellars, dug in the tuffeau since the 10th Century, are among the most beautiful and the largest of the appellation. They contain very rare wines dating back to 1874. Maison Brédif also produces red and rosé wines in Chinon, including the prestigious cuvée, Chinon Réserve Privée as well as Chinon Blanc.

Served with a stunningly scrumptious, seared scallop at The Langham for a GWCT dinner in March 2024 prepared by Michel Roux

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