Portfolio advice & cellar management

Have you ever considered investing in wine as an asset?

The premise is simple - fine wine is created in limited supply and becomes scarcer as people drink it. It also improves with age, so as time passes, the rarer and more valuable it becomes. Fine wine investment can deliver excellent returns, whilst remaining largely unaffected by wider market turmoil.

However, the wine investment industry does tend to attract scams - not least because it seems like easy money. Navigating wine investing and knowing which fine wines to choose takes research and expertise. That's where we can come in.

About our services

With our 35 years' experience in the wine industry and extensive knowledge of the fine wine market, Lunzer Wines is perfectly positioned to advise clients on their portfolios.

We know how to pick out investment grade wines with potential. We devote a lot of time to working out which wines are likely to rise in value, and - just as importantly - when those price changes are most likely to happen. 

It's important to us to work with transparency and integrity, keeping in close contact with our clients so that they feel well-informed. We offer honest and realistic advice, whilst using all our expertise to help you capitalise on strong returns.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just getting started, our services are designed to help you make the most of your investment. We can provide advice in the following areas:

Wine selection and advice

We can help you choose the right wines for your collection, based on your budget and investment goals.

Storage and transportation

We can provide guidance on how to store and transport your wine, to ensure it stays in perfect condition.

Investment planning

We can plan your long-term wine investment portfolio, to help maximise returns over the course of years.

Store wines in your own account

Beware - some wine investment companies will want to store your wines in sub-accounts under their name. This effectively makes you relinquish security and control over your investment. If you don't fancy keeping your assets in your own wine cellar, we assist you to open a storage account under your name, to which you are the sole signatory.

We use Nexus, who provide perfect temperature and humidity profiles for the slow maturing of fine wines. Nexus franchises are all in bonded warehouses - meaning duty and VAT does not have to be paid on the purchase price. Nexus are always upfront about expected storage costs, and we take this into account for your expected ROI.

Wine investment for tax purposes

Wine can be a tax-free investment - but only sometimes. Beware of wine investment companies claiming that this is always the case! Most transactions by an investor in fine wine will be subject to capital gains tax. Wines are generally considered to be a 'wasting asset', where they are unlikely to be drinkable after 50 years, so they may be considered exempt from CGT however, only up to a transaction value of £6,000... We can provide advice on navigating this aspect of fine wine investment.

Ready to take your first steps into the exciting world of wine investment?Get in touch with Peter Lunzer today!

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