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Wine, the best catalyst to cement business relationships

Lunzer Wine events put to use the ideal catalyst for cementing business relationships, entertaining clients, and bringing people together - Wine!

Let Peter host and entertain your valued clients and colleagues with his infectious passion, deep knowledge, and tongue in cheek presentation. Our bespoke and endless variations of corporate and wine themed events amplify your business desired objectives for any occasion. 

Lunzer corporate wine tasting events can be stand alone events but are designed to complement lunches, dinners, meetings or conferences.

Over the years, Peter has spoken at functions with several hundred guests to more intimate gatherings with just a handful of guests. Each tasting is designed to meet the client’s specific requirements in terms of venue and budget.

What we offer

Our four most popular themes. 

New World versus Old World 

One of our most popular themes explores the concept of old and new and introduces one of Peter’s inclusive methods that makes all guests trust their own judgement. 

Collaborations between traditional and modern wine makers span all regions of the world where grapes are grown. Yet climatic differences in vineyard regions make wines unique to that region and long may that last. The question is which style do you prefer? 

By placing two glasses at a time in front of guests the choice is simple for each person to vote for the one they like most. 

What a Difference a Year Makes

Presenting pairs of wines is useful for people to judge simultaneously what they prefer. However, it becomes even more fascinating when it is the same wine, from the same producer, but grown one year apart. It is all about making perfect grapes to turn into perfect wine but if your growing season is marred by low temperatures and cloud, then producing perfection is a real challenge. We carefully select consecutive years where the difference is blindingly obvious to demonstrate why making wine can be an anxious process.

The Marriage of Food and Wine

Another hugely popular concept for obvious reasons. We all know that wines are made to be enjoyed but they are also produced with the intention of accompanying the regional cuisine where they are grown. Therefore, when producing Chardonnay in the New World, the maker can create a strong and sometimes oaky flavour because it matches Pacific Rim Cuisine with coriander, lemon grass and chilli which may overpower the nuances of a rich white Burgundy.

We specialise in showing how a wine can be made to jump through hoops with different foods before serving some food which is idyllically complimentary.

A Taste for Investment 

Some parts of the wine growing world are challenged by fluctuating weather patterns and a good example of this is Bordeaux. 

When Bordeaux wines are produced in perfect conditions, they can develop power and complexity which will allow them to improve in bottle over many decades. 

This popular theme demonstrates why some wines are destined for an inflationary future whilst others will be consigned to history in a short space of time.

What can we do FOR YOU?

At Lunzer Wine we have created a personal and professional bespoke corporate event service that meets you and your clients’ needs, dreams, and budgets. We offer endless variations of wine themed events to amplify your business’ desired objectives for any occasion.

When inviting guests these days, so much is about dangling tempting carrots in front of people who are often invited to loads of events, making them more wary about accepting invitations. Let us help you to create an invitation your guests can’t decline.

Some of our favourite formats:


  • In house for company teams or for clients
  • In beautiful venues over canapes, lunch or dinner
  • In private homes where you wish to add a little extra to your entertaining


- DURING OR AFTER DINNER SPEAKING with wine tasting, stories, and anecdotes that can be added betweencourses, presentations or as a finale for the kick offs, product launches, conferences, summits etc.

- TICKETED WINE TASTING DINNERS perfect for entertaining a few clients.

- VIRTUAL TASTING EXPERIENCES including a “Posh Picnic” were coming together over wine is made possible and we can make it memorable for teams or clients.

- WINE EXCURSIONS WITHIN THE UK AND EXCLUSIVE WINE TRAVEL to a variety of vineyards and producers often not open to the public Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Porto or Tuscany.

In-person or virtual?

We organise both in-person or virtual events. 

 For all events, we have a number of prestigious collaborators and contacts in the food and catering world should you require outside catering for an in-house event. 

 For our in-person envents, we work with some amazing venues in the UK and abroad. Part of our service is to advise clients on the range of venues available and we work closely with Leading Venues of London. LVL is uniquely placed to efficiently source all options available for your chosen date.

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