Champagne Louis Roederer Collection 242 (6x75cl)

Champagne Louis Roederer Collection 242 (6x75cl)

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Champagne Louis Roederer 'Collection 242' (6x75cl)

A new era for Louis Roederer!

With the creation of Collection 242, Louis Roederer is writing a new chapter in the story of Brut Premier through its reinvention. This multi-vintage wine reveals the power of blending, expressed year after year, demonstrating the full extent of its genius. With Collection, Louis Roederer combines its longstanding pursuit of excellence with a new spirit of freedom to achieve its constant objective: to create the best possible champagne with each blend. 

Collection is testimony to both the Louis Roederer founding vision, that of a winemaking approach founded on the long ageing required to craft remarkable wines, and the capacity for constant innovation and reinvention that has led it to continuously explore new territories.


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