Warre's 2009 Late Bottled Vintage Port (6x75cl)

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Warre's, 2009, Late Bottled Vintage Port (6x75cl)

The Warre’s 2009 Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) was matured in wood for four years after which it was bottled in 2013 without any fining or filtering.

It was then aged in bottle for another six years in the Warre’s lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia.

It is usual for Warre’s LBVs to continue ageing in bottle in the Warre’s lodge for a longer period than required by law, i.e. 4 years in bottle, after four years in wood. This prolonged ageing, first in wood and then in bottle is key to the development of the sumptuous nose and flavours that lend this Port a style and complexity, not unlike that of Vintage Port.

The quality of this product is unquestionable but the lack of 'fashion' for proper Port means that at less than £25 per bottle, this is a complete bargain...

p.s. Rule of thumb with port is that if it has a stopper you can just pour, but if it has a cork (as this 2009 does) then it needs decanting...

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