Port & Madeira

Port & Madeira

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"Port & Madeira"

At any time of the year we should allow for indulgences such as Port & Madeira. We have picked two favourites with some exquisite cheeses to help round of lunch or supper...

This gift is packed & despatched by Forman & Field and it contains:

1 half bottles of Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port, 2017 (1x37.5cl)

1 50cl bottle of Blandy’s 10 year old Malmsey Madeira (1x50cl)

Bix Cheese 100g and Burt’s Blue Cheese 180g by Forman & Field

* To order multiple pack, please email admin@lunzerwine.com with a list of addresses and we will email an invoice
**This product is not available for collection in TW11

Please contact us if your order is urgent and we will be able to advise an accurate shipping timescale

email: hello@lunzerwine.com

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