Uncorking the Art of Wine Events in West London

Uncorking the Art of Wine Events in West London

Lunzer Wine Goes Local

To some extent we spend most of our lives contemplating what to eat and where to eat it. In my case, my math skills will be seriously tested if I had to count how much time I have spent on this subject the past many decades, where I have been so fortunate to work in the world of wine and events. I often say I am still in my holiday job.

As a wine adviser, I've had the privilege of crafting wine events that bring together the art of wine, delicious food, and unforgettable moments all over the world.

Venues, menus, seasons, and trends change, but shared experiences remain a wonderful way to connect with others, and I am excited to replicate the magic locally with events for wine enthusiasts and the local community in Teddington, Richmond, Twickenham, and West London. As we are embarking on new adventures with local collaborators like The King’s Head,  Landmark Arts Centre, Richmond Rugby Club and Richmond Athletics Ground as well as local jazz vocalist Isobel Pearce and lots more in the pipeline with whom I will share the Lunzer Wine recipe for events.

The short version: it is the same as for all other events, creating an enticing combination of ingredients of fine wine, delicious food, gorgeous venues and sometimes including sport, music, and travel.

A more detailed version:
At Lunzer Wine, we've cultivated a signature blend over the years - a mix of infectious passion, deep knowledge, and a dash of tongue-in-cheek presentation. The one ingredient that will always be missing is wine snobbery. As many of you know, I am allergic to excessive use of flourishing and often ridiculous vocabulary when describing wine. At Lunzer Wine we have a much more sympathetic approach and like to encourage everyone to trust their own tastebuds.

The stories are the secret spice. The stories about the wine, the makers and the people who enjoy the delicious drops.
Our events reflect this blend, where beautiful venues become the canvas for unforgettable experiences. Whether it's an intimate fine wine dinner for corporate clients or a grand gathering with champagne and canapés for a large group, our aim is to create moments that leave a lasting impression.

Adapting to Changing Trends
In the ever-evolving world, we stay attuned to changing trends and financial changes.

One notable trend we've embraced is the increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan options. It's amazing how the culinary landscape has transformed over the years. I often share the amusing anecdote of the 'vegetarian option' on a banqueting menu many years ago—a time when it might have been Duck Pâté! Times have certainly changed, and we've evolved with them to cater to diverse tastes and dietary choices.

Another trend that has gained momentum is companies hosting events in their own offices. This clever move not only allows for creative freedom but also enables budgets to be allocated toward beautiful ingredients, rather than additional expenses like corkage or service charges.

Together with my wife, Sofia, I continue to hone the art of creating events that are both flexible and scalable. Whether it's a small in-house gathering or an extravagant affair at an ultra-exclusive venue, our focus is on tailoring events to meet the unique dreams, needs, and budgets of our clients.

Themes that Ignite Curiosity
Themes are an essential ingredient in our events, and they serve as a great carrot to entice our guests. Over the years, we've found that themes like "New versus old world," "What a difference a Year makes," and "The Marriage of Food & Wine" have been particularly popular. They engage our guests' curiosity and offer an educational experience that enhances their appreciation of wine and the food served.

All these ingredients work as building blocks, when we work with individual clients, and if organising your own event is not what you have in mind, our ticketed events are a great way to entertain a client or a small group. We've seen a surge in clients booking places for our ticketed events, often hosted at the iconic In & Out, St. James's. These events including our expansion with local venues offer the perfect opportunity to entertain a few guests without the need for something entirely bespoke.

All our wine events serve a dual purpose: they're perfect for both cementing business relationships and treating colleagues, clients, and friends to a memorable time. It's a delicate balance we've mastered over decades of experience, ensuring that every event is exclusive, entertaining, and enlightening.

Where Business and Pleasure Meet you might say. I can certainly agree to that when it comes to my job as the wine event host.

I invite you to explore more about our events, bespoke wine-themed dinners and tastings, wine travel opportunities, and our wine shop by visiting www.lunzerwine.com. You can also be a part of our vibrant community on Instagram by following @lunzerwine, where you can join in on our live Friday Drinks with me.

I look forward to raising a glass with you at one of our upcoming events.