Chateau Grand Village – Famous By Association

Chateau Grand Village – Famous By Association

One of the wines I will be presenting at our upcoming online wine tasting is from Chateau Grand Village, a red AOC Bordeaux Supérieur.

Made using a blend of mainly Merlot with a small percentage of Cabernet Franc, Grand Village is the third most popular Bordeaux Supérieur and, as the name suggests, is a cut above standard Bordeaux AOC wines.

Bordeaux Vineyards

Bordeaux is known for its many prestigious wine-producing chateaus, and the Chateau Grand Village is no exception. Situated in the Right Bank region of the appellation, this 17 hectare vineyard produces some of the most highly sought-after red and white wines in the area.

Red Bordeaux wines

For their red wines, the vineyard is planted primarily with Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Franc (20%). These two varieties are known for their ability to produce rich, full-bodied wines that are packed with flavor. The team at Chateau Grand Village strives to create wines that are the perfect balance of fruit and oak, resulting in a wine that is both complex and approachable.

White Bordeaux wines

The white wines produced at Chateau Grand Village are equally as impressive, made up of Sauvignon Blanc (75%) and Semillon (25%). These two varieties come together to create a wine that is fresh and lively, with plenty of acidity to balance out the fruit flavors.


Château Grand Village: a rich history from the 17th century

The vineyards of Chateau Grand Village itself are situated on the “Right Bank” near the village of Mouillac. The terroir is similar to nearby St Emilion, with its limestone and clay soils.

Do not be deceived by the modern design of the label. This wine has a long history having been owned by the Guinaudeau family since the middle of the 17th century, and an esteemed pedigree being owned by the famous Chateau Lafleur in neighbouring Pomerol.

When reviewed by the legendary, Robert Parker, the Lafleur gained his praise:

“One of the most distinctive, most exotic, and greatest wines – not only in Pomerol, but in the world” which perhaps justifies its £800 per bottle price tag.”

A new generation of winemakers 

Jacques Guinaudeau and his wife Sylvie took charge of Château Grand Village in 1980. Their son, Baptiste, and his wife joined them about 20 years ago, taking the decision to take the same approach to producing the red wines of Grand Village as their philosophy at Chateau Lafleur. 

With the same team cultivating the wines, Grand Village benefits from their expertise with the same growing techniques being employed on both estates. 


The grapes, which are harvested by hand, are sorted on a selection table, destemmed and pressed. They are then fermented in traditional cement tanks and aged in oak barrels for 15 months. Approximately 5,500 cases of Grand Village are produced each year. 

Tasting notes and pairing recommendations

Most people say that Chateau Grand Village wine tastes fruity and earthy, with notes of cherry, blackberry, and tobacco.

It's a full-bodied wine that pairs well with foods like red meat, game, and poultry dishes as well as some Asian and fish recipes. 

Best served at 15.5 degrees centigrade, the Chateau Grand Village red wine is a good choice for dinner parties or other special occasions.

For our tasting in March, I have selected the 2014 and 2015 vintages – two very different wines.

Join me for this interesting wine tasting when we will look at what a difference a year makes for these exquisite fine wines.

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