Port & Madeira Gift Box (3x50cl + 1x37.5cl)

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Port & Madeira (3x50cl + 1x37.5cl)

The perfect gift at any time of year but perhaps especially during the festive season, when these little gems come into their own, sitting by the fire etc.

The box contains two styles of Madeira from two grape varieties, Sercial & Malmsey. Sercial is the drier of the two but both have a richness and natural acidity which will cut through any Christmas cake - some might end up in the cake too! 

The Port styles are Tawny, soft, warming, gently gluggable etc. and a Late Bottled Vintage whose strength even after 4 years in barrel is a great contender for the Stilton course...

Really, just too much fun to be had - and of course shared...  



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